for amazing organic, natural and nourishing gift boxes!

I'm so excited to announce these amazing hand selected Wellness Ritual Boxes.  I love being creative and after the sh*t show that is this year, I thought a gift card just wasn't going to cut it this holiday season, thus the idea of Wellness Ritual Boxes. These boxes promote not only self care but also focuses on slowing down and making time to breathe.

Every box includes:

+ 1 Orgaid Organic Face Sheet Mask
+ 1 DRAM Adaptogenic CBD Sparkling Water
+ 1 DRAM Herbal Sparkling Water
+ Tales of The Wind Smudge Kit
+ 10 Lamare Affirmation Cards for Meditation
+ Fair Trade Cacao 
+ 60 or 90 Minute Wellness Massage Gift Certificate 

*Contents will vary slightly but final product contents will be confirmed before pick-up