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At B&B Wellness we offer a variety of massage services, scroll to read more.


Note, this is just a service description page and does not include price. We are a collective of Independent Body Workers and Wellness Professionals, all prices are set with each practitioner. 

Wellness Coach


60 minute   |   90 minute

If you're looking for a general full body massage that works every part of the body this is for you. It is great for those that need some relaxation but not looking for specific therapeutic release or those that do not like deep pressure. Benefits include increased circulation, reduced muscle tension and stress.  


60 minute  |   90 minute   |   120 minute  

This type of massage is geared for those looking for pain or tension release in overused, misused or injured muscles. We do NOT use the word "deep tissues" because we believe in working smart. By focusing on the fascia, tender muscles as well their opposite and connecting muscles, custom therapeutic massage will provide release without causing injury. The goal is outcome based work. It is also the perfect massage to add on CBD Balm and Cupping for targeted release. Benefits include increased range of motion and decreased muscle pain. 


30 minutes   |   45 minutes

This is great option if you are short on time or want to squeeze in a massage on your lunch break and you struggle with chronic or localized pain. We focus on a specific area targeting the pain to bring relief.  Another great option is to add in cupping therapy and CBD oil for more efficient results. 


30 minutes   |   60 minutes

We have pillows, lots of pillows. This massage is all about moms.  Pre and post natal sessions are focused on those areas that are tender and sore from pregnancy; lower lumbar, hips, ankle and extremities. It is also a great solution for excess inflammation in arms and legs.  Cupping is also a great and safe add on for pregnant mamas. 



75 minutes  |   $90

In the midst of performance lies reset. If you're body is in need of a physical cleanse, the smudge special massage is for you. This 75 minute massage uses long, firm stripping strokes with focused work to increase circulation and flush out toxins. By using specialty designed music to help relax the mind it will take you to a place of reset so you can be ready for your next task.


AND every massage comes with a gift! White sage smudge stick, DRAM CBD Sparkling Water and a wellness shot from Juice So Good. 


60 minutes   |   $75

This session is a combo of in depth therapeutic massage  and advanced vacuum cupping designed to increasing circulation, release & restore fascia, reduce inflammation and improve mobility and flexibility. End your massage with a CBD Oil add on and a Dram Apothecary drink to go and your on your way to recovery. 

Dry Reeds


$10   |  For natural anti-inflammatory effects that can more effectively soothe sore muscles and joints. It encourages the body to speed up the healing process, and is beneficial in relieving anxiety.


$10   |  Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine using special cups to decrease pain and inflammation while increasing blood flow, relaxation and well-being. It could be classified as a type of deep-tissue massage without intensity!

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