Well Rooted Eating

Changing the way we eat is hard. Changing the conversation around Food is even harder. 

We have lost the ability to eat Food and even worse determine the difference between real food and man made garbage.


There are so many rules and laws when it comes to eating, but at the end of the day, how you eat and what you crave is going to look distinctly different than your neighbor.


What does that mean for you? Where do you start?


How do you find a balanced diet and determine what is good for your body? How do you confidently dig through the bullshit and find a program that is right for you?


Before you continue I would like to reiterate that this program is not about weight loss, guilt or perfection. It is about balance. Think of Well Rooted Eating as a guide. Not an end all be all.


My goal for you is a life long plan, not a quick fix, so let's build from the ground up. We start by defining areas in your eating lifestyle we can improve on and recognizing where you are succeeding.

We look at elements like sleep cycles, stress, eating color/low inflammatory foods and learning simple food rules that do NOT take a scale, counting calories or a dictionary to apply. You will learn how to shop in a grocery store and how to slowly implement at home eating/cooking methods. 

I will never sell you a shake plan, supplements or a gym membership. My mission is simple, "Find Balance with Food."

New Client?  Not sure where to start. 


Book a Introduction Consultation.  We sit down for an hour and discuss where you are struggling, what your goals are and initial first steps, including a recipe book packed with amazing, simple and colorful meals.  Every person is unique, this is required to work with me. I will have no idea how to work with you without spending times getting to know your lifestyle. Initial consultation are priced at $100 per hour. 


Already a current Body Work client? 

You can add on a Well Rooted Eating Consultation before or after your massage session. This does not include a full "Introductory Consultations" this only applies to follow up appointments. Simply select "20 minute Programming Consultation" from the add on menu and state whether you would prefer before or after your body work session in the "notes" section of your appointment. 

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