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"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,  if one has not dined well."

Wild Mushrooms
Image by Marisa Morton
Image by Elaine Casap

What is Health Rooted Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is a whole-life approach. It is a way of eating that not only considers, when & where you eat but where your food comes from, and what your food ate! It puts culture back into food, connects people to local food systems and creates a happy and healthy conversation around food! 


My mission, when it comes to food is helping my clients detach from "diet culture" and understand that holistic eating is a great way to not only use food as a way to love yourself but also as a way to add food diversity to their lives. 


Health Rooted Nutrition is designed to evaluate, educate and provide you with holistic tools to make food and eating enjoyable.

What does that mean for you? And where do you start?

Before you continue I would like to reiterate that this program is not about weight loss, guilt or perfection. It is about balance. Think of Health Rooted Nutrition as a guide, not an end all be all. It is a way to use food to love yourself. 


My goal for you is a life long plan, not a quick fix, so let's build from the ground up. We start by defining areas in your eating lifestyle we can improve on and recognizing where you are succeeding.

We focus on a variety of elements like sleep cycles, stress, movement, food color/low inflammatory meal options, proper portion sizes, personal triggers and simple food rules that do NOT require a scale or counting calories. You will learn how to shop in a grocery store and how to slowly implement at home eating/cooking methods. 

My mission is simple, "Find Balance with Food."

New Client?  Not sure where to start. 


Book a Introduction Consultation.  We sit down for an hour and discuss where you are struggling, what your goals are and initial first steps, including a recipe book packed with amazing, simple and colorful meals.  Every person is unique, this is required to work with me. I will have no idea how to work with you without spending times getting to know your lifestyle. Initial consultation are priced at $75 per hour. 


Already a current Body Work client?

You can add on a Health Rooted Eating Consultation before or after your massage session. This does not include a full "Introductory Consultations" this only applies to follow up appointments. Simply select "20 minute Programming Consultation" from the add on menu and state whether you would prefer before or after your body work session in the "notes" section of your appointment. 

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